Alicia Orr; the founder and Managing principal of ORR, Organize Real Results LLC, has more than a decade of experience in the accounting industry. She began as an accounting specialist at the Department of Defense at the young age of 18 in 2009. As a single mother of two boys and working full time, Miss ORR was able to obtain an Associate of Applied Science in Finance & Accounting from Vincennes University. In 2014 after working with the Department of Defense for more than 5 years, she decided to jump out on faith and pursue entrepreneurship by opening a staffing agency, named Always Employed Staffing LLC in 2014. On her journey of entrepreneurship, within 5 years, Alicia decided it was time to switch gears. After the birth of her two daughters, she also gave birth to ORR. ORR was founded due to the need to rebirth and transform into what you know as ORR Payroll & ORR Personnel. After experiencing life changes and new beginnings, the need to understand worth AND the ability to serve the community.. was the fuel needed to change the whole world. Seeing the need, Alicia jumped headfirst into the payroll industry. Although intimidated because no one in her community was in this industry, Alicia fought all obstacles surrounding her and as this shows, has been prosperous.

“Representation and imagery mean a lot to me, “ says Alicia. “However, I will not allow “fear” or lack of representation to stop me from pursuing my dreams and embracing my passion,” says Alicia.

Taking a leap of faith and analyzing her skillset, helped create a unique service to the community in the payroll and HR industry. Her mission is to Organize Real Results in the business operations and administration of any start-up company and small size business. Although ORR is capable of serving larger scale organizations, Alicia prides herself in providing quality and affordable services to those who are new to operating a business. As well as those who are in need of tools and resources necessary to build strong foundations in their businesses, preparing for growth and expansion before it comes.


‘We Organize Real Results in your business’s bottom line.’