ORR is an acronym for Organize Real Results. The founder and Managing principal of ORR, Alicia Orr, has a passion for supporting businesses with their most essential operating responsibilities. The assignment of ORR is to organize the business operations of payroll, Human Resources and bookkeeping while producing results that support a companies bottom line.

Our team of advisors consist of Payroll administrators, Human Resource Managers, Recruiters, Office Administrators and Bookkeepers. We provide administrative and management services to new and growing businesses needing an outsource solution that is tailored toward their core values and meets their budget.. The services are customized to meet businesses where they are on their business journey. Rather a business is in the start up phase or well established and scaling their business, organization is the real result we bring to any company.

With ORR you get top notch services that create a competitive edge at a fraction of the cost, So you can represent just like the big companies! We pride ourselves in providing quality and affordable services to those who are new to operating a business. Get the need with with our service features that result in managing a successful business. We partner with businesses to help prepare them for growth and expansion before it comes.

We Organize Real Results in your business operations.