Timekeeping System

Get the tools you need to track employee hours each pay period. Already have your own timekeeping system? No problem, ORR can handle processing your timesheets and preparing them for payroll.

Direct Deposit

Offer direct deposit to your employees AND contractors. We even got your “no-bank account” workers covered with our FREE Rapid pay cards.

Payroll Taxes

Don’t get overwhelmed with tax compliance. ORR will handle all your federal, state and local tax withholdings and payments

Account Manager

Check out our myORRacle package and get a dedicated payroll professional to handle all your payroll processing needs each and every pay period.

Employee Portal

Give your employees access to view their pay stubs, W2s and update personal info.

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A Do-It-Yourself  Service providing small business and entrepreneurs Payroll, HR & Bookkeeping software and resources to get started on their business journey.

MyORRacle Plan

An Outsource, consultative service providing small, mid sized businesses and entrepreneurs an admin team to manage and process their Payroll, HR & Bookkeeping operations.