Human Resources

ORR Human Resource service plans are designed to provide companies with an HR management team to handle your administration and operational duties. Our HR ORRacle plans are standalone outsourcing plans with two options for you to choose from based on your needs.

HR Conflict Resolution and Management

Lets face it conflicts can arise in any environment, the workplace is no different. Rather you have conflicts between employees, contractors or customers, ORR can conduct and provide professional conflict resolution meetings on your behalf.

Unemployment Advisory and Processing

You’ll have your own hr person to manage and process unemployment claims you receive from the department of workforce development. ORR advises employers on the unemployment fund and responsibilities of employers to remain compliant.

Onboarding and Off-Boarding

We’ll conduct new hire presentations and Prepare your employees for a fresh start with I9 verification, pre-employment screening, employment agreements and More.  If things don’t work out we provide your former employees with an exit interview to inform them of important company policies, benefits and agreements that must be upheld after termination.

Performance Evaluation

You get an Hr manager to Conduct performance evaluations and develop performance improvement plans. Present performance rewards and certificates. Advise on team building and morale activities to boost optimal employee performance and success.

Employee File Management

Your HR manager will Manage your personnel files, ensure records are up to date, manage licensing and training expiration, monitor and record pay increases and general file maintenance.

Workforce Planning

We’ll ensure that your organization has an adequate supply of people with the skills, knowledge and experience required to achieve its strategic objectives efficiently and effectively, both in the short and long term.

Training and Standard Operation Procedures

Your HR manager can develop standard operations procedures for your employees to follow company protocols understand processes and manage systems. Need training for your staff? our sister company ORR Personnel is a post-secondary training institution offering on-the-job training in several industries.

Benefits Management and more!

ORR will develop benefits packages offer health, dental and vision plans as well as customized benefits packages with employee assistance programs, referrals program, incentives, company products, performance awards, etc.

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Organize Real Results in your HR operations Today!

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HR ORRacle Service

An Outsource, advisory service providing small, mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs a dedicated HR manager to oversee HR systems, manage employee relations, design training processes, assess staffing needs and more!