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A Do-It-Yourself  Service providing small business and entrepreneurs Payroll, HR & Bookkeeping software and resources to get started on their business journey.

MyORRacle Plan

An Outsource, consultative service providing small, mid sized businesses and entrepreneurs an admin team to manage and process their Payroll, HR & Bookkeeping operations.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Prepare your employees for a fresh start with I9 verification, employee tax withholding forms, employment agreements and New Hire Orientations. If things don’t work out provide your former employees with an exit interview to inform them of important company policies, benefits and agreements the must be upheld after termination.

Conflict Management

Let’s face it, conflicts can arise in any environment, the workplace is no different. Rather you have conflicts between employees, contractors or customers, ORR can conduct and provide professional conflict meetings and resolutions on your behalf.

Hour and Wage Issues

Don’t worry about those last minute pay day blues. ORR has you covered! We’ll handle employee inquiries, pay corrections, complaints, tax adjustments and more.

Timekeeping and Attendance Issues

Excessive tardiness and call offs, improper timeclock use, etc must be addressed with employees.


Manage employees files such as training records, hiring (resume, offer letter, etc), Rates of pay & salary history

Performance Management

Conduct performance evaluations to learn how your employees are performing and what tools they need for optimal success.